Aquascaping Long Island

Aquascaping Long Island

Cavataio Aquarium Creations is happy to be of service for Long Island aquascaping. The idea of New York aquascapes is similiar to landscapes, but, as the word indicates, the design is underwater. Although the arrangement is still considered to be an aquarium, the set-up usually contains no fish. Aquascaping leans more towards the artistic layout of the plants, rocks and other decor. In fact, the composition might only feature inanimate objects. Maybe there are some small fish hiding in a cave. It's all up to you. Even if there are no fish, however, the tank still requires environmental care. This means attention to lighting, temperatures and cleaning.

Types of Aquascapes

While a New York aquascape may seem to be a specific craft, there are actually named variations. 


One of the more interesting sub-scapes is the paludarium. No, we are not making up these words. This is a combo of water and land, which makes it perfect for amphibians such as frogs and salamanders. As the water is not filled to the top, rock or wood platforms are used as surfaces for these animals. The layout will emulate a miniature snapshot of a river bank or rainforest. Brilliant. There are also plants that can flourish in this environment.


This style is all about the plants. In a Dutch aquascape there is little to no rocks or other inanimate objects. There might be some small fish, but otherwise plantlife dominates. In fact, it's like a garden. But submerged in water. The Netherlands is credited as the birthplace for this aquascape.


From a scientific standpoint, the biotope is the most beneficial for research. Its goal is to re-create an authentic environment containing plants, rocks and wood.

Many other formats exist. So it's recommended that you conduct research on the types of aquascapes before thinking about the research on the contained environment itself. Closely related ecosystems are terrariums and vivariums.

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