Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

The Saltwater Environment

As with freshwater aquariums, it is critical to routinely observe the water and animal life for proper Long Island saltwater aquarium maintenance. Water needs to be tested for nitrate and ammonia. Algae should be removed before growing thicker on glass. Filters and pumps have to be checked for clogs and interference. Approximately 10 percent of the water should be removed and replaced twice a month. Good to go. Keep those fish in top condition.

Saltwater marine life


A subfamily of the grouper, the 2-4” anthias can be found in tropical waters all over the planet. Their bodies, especially the males, feature vivid colors. That bright yellow, orange and pink is breathtaking. They are part of the Serranidae family of fish and known to be harmonious in their environment. Regular saltwater aquarium maintenance ensures that these colorful animals remain lively. 



There is a prevalent question when it comes to coral. Are they animals or plants? Because they are affixed to the ground (termed "sessile"), coral has characteristics of plants. Plus, they don't have a discernible face. According to the marine scientists, they are animals. This is because the creatures do not make their own food. They actually just wait for the food to pass nearby at which time the coral captures the nutrients with tentacles. Many saltwater coral have beautiful vibrant colors. Some of them look like a brain. Interesting.



Anthias Saltwater Fish


Long Island Saltwater Aquarium Coral