Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums call for utmost attention to detail and planning. First, the size of the tank should be chosen depending on space available and the quantity and size of marine life. Along with the tank itself, once the water is added the entire aquarium will be quite heavy. Keep this in mind if the custom fish tank will need to be transported within your home or business in Long Island.

Of equal importance is the thickness of the glass for the tank. There are several gallons of water in the enclosure which need to be contained. The last thing we want is liquid, pebbles, plants and animals all over the floor. Actually, we never want that.

When in doubt, it is always a good move to consult with a professional and have a custom aquarium built correctly. Alleviate the anguish and speak with an expert.

Types of filters

There are a handful of different filters used in custom aquariums. Each style does its part to maintain a healthy environment. Types include undergravel, canister, internal, wet/dry and "hang on back." Speak with your local aquarium expert about which filter is right for your system.