Aquarium Service

While an expert is always recommended to get the job done right, there are basic periodic tasks to keep in mind for maintaining a solid aquarium. Learning the basics will potentially save the lives of your fish.

 Elemental tasks to include

  • Examine all components to ensure they are fully functional and easy to access
  • Make sure that all fish are present and behaving normally. A deceased fish can cause changes in water composition. Or spread disease. 
  • Check water for pH and nitrate levels.
  • Change a small percentage of the water. Note the evaporation in a Suffolk County or Nassau County aquarium.
  • Keep the interior walls clean, as algae and mildew can build up quickly.
  • Inspect filters for blockage and dirt.

When aquarium service is not available from an authority, do what you can on your own. An imperative ingredient to maintain in the tank is plant life. This is a vital part of a contained ecosystem. If the plants are not doing well, the other organisms will not do well. And then everyone involved is going to have a bad time.

Choose plants

Without plants, there will be no animals. So choose wisely. Below are some freshwater species of aquatic aquarium plantlife that work well for balancing the environment.


Characterized by dark green leaves and requiring minimal attention, the Anubias thrives in moderate lighting.  They can usually be found attached to hardscapes such as rocks and wood. Placement in shaded locations will prevent algae from growing on them. Yes, plants can grow on other plants. The Anubias grow relatively slowly, at a rate of approximately one new leaf a month.


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