Aquarium Installation

Sufficient planning and timing is the key to Long Island aquarium installation. A good plan includes the filter system, dimensions of space in which to work and the specific location in a home or business.


If the fish tank is going to be installed in a new space,  begin the assembly only after other work in the area is finished. Painting and woodworking will damage the organic environment of the aquarium. Never rush the project. One step at a time. Patience will pay off. It is worth the time in order to establish a beautiful self-sustaining ecosystem.


Following installation, water is the next component of the tank to be established. And not just any water. Check for correct levels of pH. This measures the acidity and alkalinity. Yes, the latter is indeed a word. A balance is necessary in the environment to sustain life. A NYC aquarium installation can take time, though just as much patience is required for the setting of water.


Rocks, gravel, wood and decorations are considered to be hardscapes. These should all be rinsed with warm water before entering the tank. Avoid soap, as it may contain substances toxic to life inside aquarium. As you can see, there are several steps for creating a healthy environment. It's not as simple as just adding rocks, plants and water.

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