Aquarium Service NYC

Some of the most interesting aquariums in the world are found in New York City. When looking for NYC aquarium service, Cavataio is the choice for installation, cleaning and maintenance. Part of the maintenance includes attention to plants. Every ecosystem requires some type of plant life. Here is a sampling of aquatic plants which you may want to consider for your NYC aquarium. While some do well in strong light settings, others prefer low illumination. 

Green Tiger Lotus

Aquarium Service NYC OneThis plant thrives in bright lighting and survives well with high iron supplements. When you are first inserting the Tiger Lotus, do not submerge the bulb. Roots will sprout and connect into material below. There is only one small issue that may surface. When the plant grows large and healthy, it will prevent healthy growth of plants next to it due to a phenolic compound produced.




Aquarium Service NYC Two

Looking very similar to grass, this aquatic plant grows to only two inches high. Growing quickly in the aquarium, the plant may require reduction so it does not interfere with other lifeforms in the tank.


This leafy aquarium plant features a shortened stem axis. The Rosette reproduces asexually, while growing and blooming flowers. They thrive in water that is slightly acidic (pH of 5.5-6.5) and cooler in temperature (60-72° F).

Onion Plant

Under bright lighting, the onion is low maintenance and will adapt seamlessly to many aquatic environments. Just be sure to conduct regular cleaning and provide proper water levels. This is essential for any NYC aquarium service that is conducted on your own. The onion plant will extend to great lengths, sometimes several feet if allowed. It actually grows along the water when it reaches that point, therefore making it nice to have in the background of the aquarium setting.