Aquarium Design

Precise configurations are necessary when preparing for a Long Island aquarium design. Experts recommend an initial consultation with a professional prior to speaking with an architect. The architect may have an attractive design for a room. The problem is they normally do not have the background for the best method of setting up a Suffolk County, Nassau County, Hamptons or NYC custom aquarium design. 

Overall Layout

The fish tank design should match the natural environment of the marine life. This would be the correct plants, coral and water temperature. Marine life is sensitive to temperature. Small changes in ocean waters have greatly effected underwater species. Learning about the natural marine world helps people understand the impact of outside forces.

Another critical aspect in aquarium design is the allowance for easy accessibility at the top of the tank. You never know when you need to get in there quickly for a fish emergency. Who knows what that might entail. Foreign objects, fish out of water or dislodged vegetation are all possibilities. Efficient air circulation around the exterior of the tank is smart to prevent the increasing of mildew. Stagnant, damp air is what mildew loves. 


Don't forget equipment such as lighting, pumps and filters. These are crucial components for a healthy aquarium environment. In fact, lighting needs to be at the appropriate level for certain animals and plants. Some species require bright lights paired with warmer temperatures, while others thrive in low lighting. If you wish to focus primarily on plants, you may want to read about aquascapes.

Air Pump

For sufficient filtration of an aquarium, a pump is imperative. Not only does it re-create the natural movement of water, the pump improves circulation and aeration. Plus, bubbles are just cool for a visual effect. First determine if you need one. A very small tank with a couple of fish may not require a pump, but the drawback is that more frequent manual cleaning is necessary. You'll have to remove all the water and replace with fresh clean water. Plus, this new water has to match the temperature of the original water so the fish are not put into shock.

So unless the tank is an ordinary goldfish bowl with one fish, an air pump is the answer. Before purchasing the accessory, do some research to determine which model works best. Consider the gallons of water in the tank, the specifications of the pump and which animals are in the environment.

Aquarium Design Long Island