Custom Aquarium Design NYC

Custom Aquarium Design NYC

Just as noteworthy as the fish themselves is the plan for live aquarium plants. Greenery in the tank provides hiding spots for fish, harmonizes the environment and can obscure pumps and filters. If you are a beginner, selecting plants that require minimal attention is a wise idea. Keep in mind that some plants do not depend on much direct sunlight. Also check for the ideal temperature range. Speak to an expert about choosing the best live plants for your NYC custom aquarium design.

Freshwater plants

African Water Fern

One adaptable plant good for new fresh water aquariums is this fern. It does not require a lot of maintenance and can remain healthy under low level lighting. Like many plants, the African Water Fern provides hiding spots for small fish.

The Amazon Sword

Frequently seen in aquariums because care for the Amazon Sword is simple. They also grow faster than the average live water plant. Although they may start small, they can reach up to 20”, so securing them towards the background of the tank with medium level light exposure is ideal.

Java Moss

Referred to as “carpet plant,” this moss remains low and spreads out, covering the surface like a carpet. Part of the Hypnaceae moss family, Java grows on rocks, wood and most other surfaces in an aquarium. It is relatively easy to maintain, adapts to different levels of light and is helpful for the hiding of small baby fish.

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